A Letter from the CEO

HopeSource is committed to elevating the human experience and helping people realize their full potential. America is a land of opportunity but was never meant to be a place of entitlement. HopeSource is fully committed to a hand up, not a hand out. Giving a hand up means ensuring all people have equal access to education, employment, and the benefits of economic development to improve their lives. We are committed to addressing the structural causes of injustice in our society that keep people from participating in improving their lives.

When processes, procedures or systems are designed or evolve to block anyone or any group of people from taking advantage of opportunities to achieve their goals it is known as structural or institutional injustice. The other word often used is inequity. The primary systems that impact justice are the social, economic, and participatory aspects of a community or country.

Social Justice

The concept of social justice maintains that all people deserve and should have access to the same rights and resources. It also imposes on each of us a personal responsibility to participate in those rights and resources. Social Justice compels people to look beyond what is, to what ought to be, and to continually repair and improve their systems for the good of every person. When social justice fails the faultline generally is based on race, religion, sex, or where the person lives.

Economic Justice

Economic institutions determine how each person enters into contracts, exchanges goods and services with others and otherwise produces an independent material foundation for his or her economic sustenance. When equal access to and interaction with these institutions fails it often manifests itself as discrimination, social exclusion, low wages, and lack of opportunity.

Participative Justice

Participative justice requires equal access to the means of acquiring productive assets as well as equal opportunity to engage in productive work. It requires that every person possess the right to participate in the production of marketable goods and services through one’s labor as a worker or through one’s productive capital as an owner. The principle of participation requires equitable treatment but does not guarantee equality of results.

America’s fundamental nature involves a set of shared values and beliefs about opportunity, prosperity, and fairness. HopeSource shares these American values and advocates for their full realization for all members of society with a strong voice for social, economic and participative justice free of barriers. HopeSource believes that, once barriers are removed, people want to and will contribute to their own and their community’s productive life.

With warm regard for all fellow human beings,