What does the program offer me?

Hope University offers classes and referrals for people who want to change the direction of their lives but lack the resources to do so. The program follows a comprehensive family, career, and education-based approach to help students in the following areas:


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Energy Conservation
A brief slideshow with tips on behaviors and techniques that can make your home more energy efficient and save you money in the long run.

Energy Conservation (Español)
In this workshop you learn how to analyze, lower and control your utility bills and get low and no-cost energy saving tips that save money.

Developing Positive Work Habits - Part 1
This video series will cover the basics of building a good work ethic. Part 1 discusses such work habits as self-discipline, positive attitude and customer service.

Developing Positive Work Habits - Part 2
This video series will cover the basics of building a good work ethic. Part 2 discusses such work habits as attendance, workplace appearance and productivity.

Organization and Time Management
Learn what organization really means and discover four simple steps that can help you organize any area of your home. Planning, fighting procrastination, and other principles of time management are discussed. Learn how to use the Covey Time matrix to prioritize all the details in life so that you don't feels so overwhelmed.

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Managing Your Money
Learn the five step process of money management. This discussion will guide you in setting goals, making a budget, increasing income, and using a spending journal to help you patch spending.

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Saving Money When You Shop
Learn how to save money on groceries, utilities, transportation, entertainment and clothing.

Stress Management
This Workshop will focus on recognizing different source of stress, changing our reactions to stress, preparing ourselves to handle stress and ways to avoid unnecessary stress.

Tenant Preparation 101
This slide presentation will help give you the tools to identify your housing needs, learn how to search for adequate housing, fill out an application and understand what a lease is. Most importantly, you will learn how to be the kind of tenant a landlord is looking for.

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Tenant Preparation 102
In this video, you will learn how to read and sign a lease, prepare for the apartment walkthrough, understand the damage deposit and how to receive a full refund. The video will also review ways to be the ideal tenant.

Credit and Debt
This class will help you to understand your credit report and how it affects your credit score as well as ways to improve both. We also discuss how to use credit cards wisely and offer strategies for eliminating and reducing debt through debt consolidation, stepladder payments and credit counseling.

Living Smarter
In this presentation, learn how to be your personal best through eating healthy and exercising. Get introduced to to understand how to enter and asses your daily intake online to take care of your body better.

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