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Hope University is the HopeSource Flagship for FREEDOM.

Financial stability and growth including budgeting, credit and savings, and getting the most for your shopping dollars.

Responsibility in parenting, couples work, school involvement, and household management.

Employment (NorthStar) at a living wage starting with work skills that result in getting, keeping and improving job opportunities.

EDucation as necessary to grow in skills and knowledge that support greater self-reliance.

Opportunities to overcome or mitigate mental, physical, and social barriers.

Mastery or discipline in all aspects of the family, expanding outward to voting, joining in community service groups, and mentoring other families.

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Program Details

Hope University offers classes and referrals for people who want to change the direction of their lives but lack the resources to do so. The program follows a comprehensive family, career, and education-based approach to help students in the following areas:

1:1 Coaching

Job search & job retention

Life and family skills

Money management

Vocational or countinuing-education preparation

Online Class Material

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Energy Conservation

A brief slideshow with tips on behaviors and techniques that can make your home more energy efficient and save you money in the long run.


Developing Positive Work Habits - Part 1

This video series will cover the basics of building a good work ethic. Part 1 discusses such work habits as self-discipline, positive attitude and customer service.

Developing Positive Work Habits - Part 2

This video series will cover the basics of building a good work ethic. Part 2 discusses such work habits as attendance, workplace appearance and productivity.

Organization and Time Management

Learn what organization really means and discover four simple steps that can help you organize any area of your home. Planning, fighting procrastination, and other principles of time management are discussed. Learn how to use the Covey Time matrix to prioritize all the details in life so that you don't feels so overwhelmed.

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Managing Your Money

Learn the five step process of money management. This discussion will guide you in setting goals, making a budget, increasing income, and using a spending journal to help you patch spending.

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Saving Money When You Shop

Learn how to save money on groceries, utilities, transportation, entertainment and clothing.

Credit and Debt

This class will help you to understand your credit report and how it affects your credit score as well as ways to improve both. We also discuss how to use credit cards wisely and offer strategies for eliminating and reducing debt through debt consolidation, stepladder payments and credit counseling.

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