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Youth Scholarship

Description: The Youth Recreational Scholarship is intended to help children participate in cultural and recreational activities.
Eligibility: Scholarship recipients, ages 0-18, must live in a household with an income 150% of the Federal Poverty Level or lower; have a referral from a counselor, case manager or HopeSource staff member; and be actively enrolled in an educational setting during the academic school year. Foster children are also eligible for the scholarship.

Eligible Activities: Scholarships will be limited to participation in organized youth recreation and cultural activities. Activities include, but are not limited to, music, art, dance, gymnastics, swim, drama, sports leagues, school sports and day camps. Scholarships may be used to purchase equipment if necessary for the child to participate in the activity. Scholarships may not be used to pay for child or respite care, pool passes or any non-organized youth event.

Award Amount: 75% of the requested amount will be considered for scholarship. There are maximum amounts per scholarship, depending on the activity. A child may receive up to $125 per year in scholarship funds. Each parent or guardian should anticipate making a monetary contribution to the activity. HopeSource will send payment directly to the organization hosting the activity; however we are not responsible for registering the child in the activity. Families are responsible for ensuring the students are registered for the specific activity.
To apply: Download an information sheet and application form or come in to HopeSource. If the family is not currently receiving HopeSource services, proof of income and other information will be needed at the time of application.

Hygiene Packs

Description: Subject to inventory and availability, hygiene packs can include items such as: toothbrush, travel sized toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, soap, deodorant, and feminine hygiene products.

Eligibility: Simple registration with HopeSource.

Tulips Book Barn Voucher

Description: The purpose of the Tulips Voucher is to provide access to reading development to children who may not otherwise be able to afford it. A voucher provides up to five books per child in the household from the Tulips Book Barn located in the Ellensburg Public Library.

Eligibility: Household must be registered with HopeSource.


Veteran Support Services

Description: HopeSource Veteran Support Services is committed to maintaining, improving, preserving and defending the quality of life of all veterans and their families. Our core programs provide food, transportation access, and utility assistance. Our housing programs offer veterans and their family members help with rent payments, security deposits, and moving costs, outreach to all community services, case management in life and employment skills, and continuing education preparation.

HopeSource Veteran Support Services does not duplicate or replace other Veteran programs, rather it supports and augments these programs by providing one-on-one assistance and coaching to each individual veteran to help him or her re-adjust to civilian life in the most efficient and satisfying way possible.  We provide communication, advocacy, and intervention to assist the veteran with various agencies and educational institutions for the benefit of the veteran or veterans as a whole.  We take the time to help veterans define their goals and to monitor their progress towards those goals.  This is the most unique and distinctive element of our organization.

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